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Since 2003, SMC2 has been designing and building constructions with:

–         Wood and metal structures.

–         Innovative envelopes, such as fabric membranes and compound facings.

Wood for its technical, architectural and environmental qualities stated in the majority of our structures. We combine it with steel casing and different solutions for the best use of its intrinsic qualities.
An “outside-inside” solution that enables year-round outdoor play.
SMC2 innovates with its economic and ecological concept: the gymnasium designed for dynamic sports.
SMC2 builds stands and covers existing stands, adding a true architectural design.
Architecture, innovation and environmental preservation are the driving forces of our creativity and our actions to propose solutions to fulfil the economic and ecological demands of the construction industry.

SMC2, a few key figures

Since 2004, SMC2 has been growing continuously.


m² of wooden walls


m³ of glue-laminated wood produced in 2013


tonnes of metal framework produced in 2013


m² of fabric membrane made in 2013