All our constructions are composed of elements manufactured in the plant according to a meticulous industrial process implementing the BIM (Building Information Modeling) design method.

  • 3D numeric modelling: The design office designs a comprehensive 3D digital mock-up of the construction in collaboration with the client and the architect to ensure proper management of the interfaces and construction details.
  • Nomenclature: Computer listing of all the construction’s components, specifying quantity and quality.
  • Manufacturing files: Computer printout of the manufacturing files of each part comprising the 3D digital mock-up.
  • Manufacture: CAD/CAM manufacture of all components.

  • Packing: Packing by component family and referenced according to the nomenclature.
  • Assembly: On-site assembly of all components using dry processes based on the assembly drawing taken from the 3D digital mock-up. Dry process construction is changing the building industry, which is gradually moving towards greater productivity thanks to the use of lightweight materials, such as steel or wood, which can assembled mechanically. Unlike “wet” processes, the dry process requires no water. It enables environmentally-friendly manufacture. Construction sites are quieter and cleaner. Construction times are also shorter since there is no need for drying times (concrete, cement, plaster).

SMC2 proposes industrial production methods for construction and architecture. Our constructions, entirely manufactured in the plant, offer the following advantages :

  • Quick execution.
  • Technical reliability.
  • Cost control.
  • Reduced pollution on construction sites.

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