construction de préau sportif
construction preosport
This is a free-access, covered sporting and recreational area which can be used all year round. Designed as an outdoor gymnasium, it can be used by everyone, no matter what the weather.



The design of a covered outdoor football or multi-sports field associates the most demanding environmental standards with architectural design: a glue-laminate wood framework combined with a translucent fabric membrane cover.
Our fabric membrane covers are guaranteed 17 years. Their curved shapes, inspired by major world sporting facilities, are timeless.



For the price of one traditional gymnasium, communities can build ten covered outdoor multi-sports fields.



Our optimised fabric membrane construction systems enable the creation of structures with a very low environmental impact both at the time of investment and during use. We conduct a life cycle assessment on all our constructions to validate the environmental performance of our processes. Building an outdoor gymnasium is a sustainable action for the control of your budgets, the protection of our planet and the health of all citizens.

This covered outdoor sports field is equally suited to the renovation of sports grounds and the creation of new covered sports and leisure areas.
Its openness to the outside is a permanent invitation to play sports and it contributes to the dynamism of a town, playing a social role by encouraging people to get together for some healthy fun regardless of the weather conditions.

In today’s society, where healthy living is a common topic, playing outdoor sports is a perfect way to keep physically fit. Such facilities enable theory to be put into practice by encouraging people of all ages to exercise all year round, since they can be used in all weathers.