construction de patinoire indoor
construction de gymnase
SMC2 innovates with its economic and ecological concept: the gymnasium designed for dynamic sports.

This gymnasium is suitable for dynamic sports (handball, basketball, indoor football, volleyball, badminton, etc.) for daily use in all seasons. It can be heated to 16°C occasionally for specific events during the year.Thermal comfort is ensured by gas radiant panels associated with an SMC2 exclusive air treatment system.



The design of a temperate gymnasium associates the most demanding environmental standards with architectural design: a glue-laminate wood framework combined with a translucent fabric membrane cover.

Our fabric membrane covers are guaranteed 17 years. Their curved shapes, inspired by major world sporting facilities, are timeless.

The air treatment system and double skin cover enable thermal comfort to be ensured with no risk of condensation.



A temperate gymnasium is up to 50% more economical at the time of investment than a gymnasium heated to 16°C.



Our optimised fabric membrane construction systems, combined with reasoned use of energy to maintain moderate temperature in the gymnasium, enable the creation of a structure with a very low environmental impact both at the time of investment and during use. We conduct a life cycle assessment on all our constructions to validate the environmental performance of our processes.

Building a temperate gymnasium is a sustainable action for the control of your budgets and the protection of our planet.


The walls are designed in collaboration with the architects to ensure perfect integration of the facility into its context and site with compositions using all kinds of wall facings: metal, wood, compound or mineral cladding… Fabric walls can be screen printed to customise the building and create a specific style.