SMC2, a global operator to assist with your entire project.
conseil avant projet



A team of skilled technical and commercial experts will assist you in the definition of the optimal solution for your project, in compliance with architectural, technical and budgetary constraints.
Our project managers work with our in-house design office to define the best possible solution, favouring attentiveness and dialogue, and the pleasure of working together with our clients on exciting projects.
For each project, our clients receive a graphic presentation along with a technical description.
Innovation, audacity and technical expertise serving innovation.



A multi-disciplinary team with expertise in all our technologies: wood structure, metal structure, mixed wood/metal structure, fabric architecture, cladding and building envelope

―    18 engineers and draughtsmen to calculate and study the structures and envelopes of our constructions

―    An architect and a computer graphics expert to design the constructions

―    Two construction economists to ensure budget control


A unique method

3D modelling of the entire structure and all components to produce a comprehensive electronic mock-up of the construction, in collaboration with the architects, design office and companies.


High-performance IT tools

―   Calculation software: ROBOT, FORTEN, ACCORBAT.

―   Drawing software: Rhino 3D, CADWORK, AUTOCAD.

―   Computer graphics software: V-Ray, Photoshop.


Technical and economic studies to serve architecture, offering elegant, functional solutions within budget.


etudes techniques
création de pièce



We have several production sites for each of our technologies

―   Metal framework and locks

―   Glue-laminated wood framework

―   Wooden frame panels

―   Production of fabric membranes


All our production units are ISO 9001 certified.
The production sites are all equipped with numeric control machines to enable direct transfer from our 3D studies to the machine manufacturing stage.


Each production unit is specialised, guaranteeing responsiveness and quality using suitable, high-performance tools.



A project management service comprising engineers to monitor each project in compliance with safety rules, quality requirements, deadlines and cost limitations.


The project manager is the sole, primary contact for the client or architect to ensure efficient monitoring of each project, from the study phase through to acceptance of the construction.
The project manager is also responsible for the following:

―   Technical interface management

―   Construction site meeting

―   Monitoring and management of SMC2 study and works departments

―   Procurement of equipment and supplies on site

―   Coordination of works on site

―   Financial and administrative management of the project in collaboration with SMC2’s administration and accounting department

gestion de projet
construction préau



Our teams of expert craftsmen carry out the works with an eye for detail and the desire to build a beautiful construction.

Each team of expert craftsmen is managed by a skilled, experienced team leader, who ensures the works are carried out according to the required level of quality and in compliance with safety rules. The team leader manages each project according to a process based on inspection, execution and organisation.

Our teams have regularly maintained, efficient equipment at their disposal so that they can work quickly and efficiently.

Our teams are regularly trained in best practices in the fields of safety and environmental protection.

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